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We offer a complete array of services to meet your time and budget constraints.

Whether you are ready to sell your home, or simply investing in the decor of your home, Redefine Designs will professionally prepare your property so that when the time is right for you to sell, your beautiful, staged home will outshine the competition!

"The investment in Staging is far less than a price reduction of the home!"


- Barb Schwartz

Let's Work Together!
Whether you're a realtor or home owner, a free phone call is the first step to getting started.  Schedule today to hear more about how to prepare a home for listing.
Home Staging Consultation
Professional staging consultations include a pricing estimate and a complete home walk-through with suggestions.
Staging Vacant & Occupied Homes
A vacant home can cause potential buyers to walk away because they are unable to visualize your space. We will create an environment that will appeal to buyers.
An occupied home can be transformed. We over-emphasize the best features of your home to help you get a bigger return on your investment.
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